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            Luxurious Scallops

            XIAMEN MERRY TURTLE TRADING CO.LTD.,a seafood supplier in China, provides Luxurious Scallops from high-quality fisheries, which guarantees quality and freshness.According to your needs, our Luxurious Scallops can provide a variety of specifications and packaging options.We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality sea scallop products and services to help you enjoy a healthy and delicious seafood dining experience.

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            Product Description

            Our Luxurious Scallops are praised for their freshness, delicious packaging, variety of cooking methods and high quality service.We provide a variety of specifications and packages for you to choose according to your needs.Our Luxurious Scallops can be prepared in many different ways, such as steamed, boiled, fried, grilled, etc., to suit different tastes and styles of cooking.Luxurious Scallops are rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals, and vitamins.They are one of the high-protein, low-calorie foods, and they are delicacies that you should not miss.

            Product Specifications of Luxurious Scallops

            The size of Luxurious Scallops: the diameter of Luxurious Scallops is usually between 5 cm and 10 cm, while the depth is between 2 cm and 4 cm.

            The weight of Luxurious Scallops: The weight of Luxurious Scallops will vary by size. Generally, the weight of a single scallop is between 30 grams and 100 grams, and the number of scallops per kilogram is between 30 and 100.

            Product packaging of Luxurious Scallops

            Our Luxurious Scallops export products come in high quality packaging, designed to keep the scallops in perfect condition during transport and storage. The following are the main packaging forms we provide:

            Vacuum packaging: Put the Luxurious Scallops into a plastic bag, and use a vacuum packaging machine to extract the oxygen in the bag, and then seal the plastic bag.

            Ice bag packaging: Put the Luxurious Scallops into a plastic bag and add ice cubes, then seal the plastic bag.

            Frozen packing: Place the Luxurious Scallops in special freezer bags or boxes and freeze them at low temperatures to preserve their freshness and taste.


            Q: How to judge the quality of Luxurious Scallops?

            A: The quality of Luxurious Scallops can be judged from the appearance, smell, taste and freshness. Fresh scallops should have a complete shell, fresh meat, no peculiar smell, and have the fresh fragrance of sea water.

            Q: How to preserve Luxurious Scallops?

            A: Luxurious Scallops need to be stored at low temperature, preferably refrigerated or frozen. When storing, scallops should be placed in a sealed bag or container and placed in the refrigerator, and can be placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator when frozen. If it is a live scallop, it should be kept alive in ice water, but do not soak the scallop in water, which will make it lose its nutrition and taste.

            Q: Can we customize the packaging and specifications of Luxurious Scallops?

            A: Yes, we can customize the packaging and specifications according to the special needs of customers to meet their special requirements. If you need customized services, please contact our customer service team.

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