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            Nutritious Oysters

            XIAMEN MERRY TURTLE TRADING CO.LTD. is a Nutritious Oysters supplier in China, specializing in providing fresh and high-quality oysters.Our Nutritious Oysters export products comply with international food quality and safety standards, and have passed relevant certification and testing.We also provide professional after-sales service, including safe shipping and timely customer support.

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            Product Description

            Our Nutritious Oysters adopt high-quality farming techniques and have a delicious, sweet taste.After harvesting, we will carry out fine processing to remove unqualified oysters to ensure that each oyster is fresh and clean. Nutritious Oysters are a delicious, nutritious seafood product with a variety of consumption and health benefits. It can be eaten with condiments such as lemon juice or chili sauce, or it can be grilled, steamed, fried, etc., according to personal taste and preference.We are committed to providing you with the best Nutritious Oysters products and the most satisfactory service to meet your taste needs and let you enjoy a delicious seafood feast.

            Product Specifications of Nutritious Oysters

            The product weight and specifications of Nutritious Oysters can be customized according to your needs.The following are common specifications and weights for reference:

            Calculated by piece: generally 10 pieces/package, 12 pieces/package, 24 pieces/package, etc.

            Calculated by weight: generally 500 g/bag, 1 kg/bag, 2 kg/bag, etc.

            Product packaging of Nutritious Oysters

            We usually use high-strength plastic boxes or foam boxes for packaging to ensure that Nutritious Oysters are not damaged during transportation.In addition, seaweed and ice cubes will be placed in the box to maintain the delicious taste of Nutritious Oysters.


            Q: What is the preservation method of Nutritious Oysters?

            A: Nutritious Oysters should be eaten as soon as possible. If they cannot be eaten immediately, they can be stored at the lowest temperature in the refrigerator,preferably within two days.

            Q: How to judge the freshness of Nutritious Oysters?

            A: The freshness of oysters can be judged from the state of the shell, smell and color. Nutritious Oysters shells should be tightly closed, free of cracks, odorless, and dark gray or black in color. If the shell has opened or has an odor, the oyster may have gone bad and is not suitable for consumption.

            Q: Can we customize the packaging and specifications of Nutritious Oysters?

            A: Yes, we can customize the packaging and specifications according to the special needs of customers to meet their special requirements. If you need customized services, please contact our customer service team.

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