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            XIAMEN MERRY TURTLE TRADING CO., LTD. is one of the suppliers for Turbot Fish in China, meticulously selecting fresh seafood to ensure each bite is filled with the refreshing essence of the ocean. Turbot Fish, which offers a nutritional balance of low fat and high protein, opens a delicious gateway for seafood enthusiasts, satisfying the modern pursuit of culinary excellence while also considering health. We offer comprehensive logistics services, from storage to transportation, ensuring that Turbot is swiftly delivered in its freshest and most perfect state.

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            Product Description

            XIAMEN MERRY TURTLE TRADING CO., LTD., which is a professional supplier engaged in seafood trade, has always been renowned for its high-quality sea products, efficient supply chain, and timely logistics services. One of its standout products is the Turbot Fish, sourced from clear waters, showcasing its unique and delicate flavor due to the advantageous geographical environment.

            Each piece of the Turbot Fish is a superior choice, featuring tender flesh, a delicate texture, and emitting the distinctive fresh aroma of the ocean. Based on these qualities, the Turbot injects more inspiration and possibilities into a variety of dishes. Whether you're pursuing a simple, subtle taste or an artful culinary masterpiece, it effortlessly pairs and enhances the dishes, adding a myriad of flavors.

            Behind its deliciousness, the Turbot Fish is also a nutritionally rich ingredient. Abundant in high-quality proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various vitamins, it provides comprehensive and balanced nutritional support. This not only contributes to maintaining cardiovascular health but also introduces a completely new and delightful experience for your taste buds and overall well-being.

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            Product packaging of Turbot Fish

            To ensure the excellent quality and taste of fresh Turbot Fish during transportation, we have meticulously designed a professional packaging solution:

            1) Outer Protective Cardboard Box

            Our packaging employs a high-strength outer protective cardboard box as the primary safeguard. This type of box is not only robust and durable but also professionally designed to withstand external impacts and pressure, ensuring the product remains safe and intact during transportation.

            2) Cushioning Filling Layer

            The cardboard box, which contains a dedicated cushioning filling layer using materials such as bubble wrap or foam padding, effectively reduces external impacts, preventing the Turbot from being subjected to compression during transportation.

            3) Cold Chain Freshness Layer

            Below the protective layer, we have incorporated a professional cold chain freshness layer. This layer utilizes cooling mediums such as ice packs, ice blocks, or gel packs to ensure the temperature remains suitable throughout the entire transportation process.

            4) Leak-Proof Layer

            Below the cold chain layer, a leak-proof layer is implemented using waterproof materials. This design aims to prevent liquids released by the Turbot Fish from seeping into the packaging, maintaining a dry and tidy exterior.

            5) Freshness Sealing

            Above the leak-proof layer, we use transparent freshness film or vacuum packaging with outstanding oxygen isolation properties. This layer is designed to slow down the oxidation process, extending the freshness period of the Turbot.


            Q: How to determine the freshness of Turbot Fish?

            A: Fresh Turbot should have clear eyes, moist and shiny scales, and should not emit any unpleasant odor.

            Q: How to properly store Turbot?

            A: It is recommended to store it in the refrigerator's refrigeration compartment, ensuring a temperature between 0-4℃ to extend freshness and maintain its optimal texture.

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